Our Student Care Programme

Operation hours, Mon – Fri 7am – 7pm At Time Out Smarties, we aim to set aside time for learners to go beyond academic excellence and stays up-to-date on general knowledge in various subjects and current affairs in different domains. The General knowledege Immersion Programme allows children to:

  • enhance academic knowledge
  • stay informed and street-smart
  • become an all-rounder with Holistic Development

Learning opportunities are created through the following key elements.


Children are encouraged to explore and learn about their world through meaningful deliberate fun activities. All lessons will be highly interactive and collaborative to harness their innate curiosity in them to learn.


Teachers will facilitate and plan an activity-based and inquiry-based education that is highly hands-on, minds-on, engaging their senses as they explore, engage and exclaim! Children will be given opportunity to interact with objects, the physical environment and people around in context that are real, relevant and meaningful to them.


Through their self-discoveries of knowledge, children will exclaim and marvel over their environment they live in and continue to seek further queries and adopt a proactive and positive learning attitude towards their learning experience.

7 – 12 Years Old (Smarties)

We provide a nurturing environment for our learners’ education. Children will have ample opportunities to explore, on top of their academic pursuit, on new topic, issue or challenge and will be engaged to find out more and problem solve. The General Knowledge Immersion programme aims to enhance academic knowledge, allows children to make better decisions in life by staying informed and street-smart, interact effectively with people and helps learners keep up with the latest trends. The immersion programme makes the learner a better person.

Enrichment Programme

3 -4 years old (Junior Smarties)

Project based approach that enables children to interact, question, connect, problem-solve, communicate, reflect and more. It makes learning the stuff of real life and children active participants in and shapers of their worlds through Creative art, Maths & Science and Speech & Drama. Curriculum focuses on the following areas of child development:

  • Emergent Languages Literacy (songs, rhymes, reading and phonic)
  • Aesthetics and Creative Expression (speech & drama, music & movement and art & craft)
  • Self and Social Awareness
  • Discovery Science and Environmental Awareness
  • Numeracy and Memory

Other Enrichment Programmes

6 to 12 years old (Smarties)