About us

Our Philosophy

The underlying philosophy of our programme embraces a combination of the use of Dewey’s explanation of true education, whereby a child is stimulated to his/her full potential by the demands of the social situations in which a child finds himself or herself. The child learns to act as part of a larger group, and he/she learns by looking/making sense of others’ responses to his/her actions. Thus, project-based learning coupled with problem-based learning are key methods of our teaching philosophy.

picture credit to

John Dewey

Meet our staff

We are glad to introduce our professional staff. Our staff will turn the educational process into a great and fun experience for your children!

Our Vision

To bring out the best in every learner through quality programme

Our Mission

To inculcate our learners with strong moral values and a passion for lifelong learning

Our Core Values

Respect We embrace each individual

Responsibilities   We answer for our actions

Resilience   We learn and we persevere

Integrity   Our actions match our words

Care   We care and we show it

Harmony   We appreciate diversity, seek happiness and promote social cohesion

What parents say about us

Time Out Smarties’ curriculum which covers general knowledge and current affairs is really beneficial to our family. My child has been coming home to read up on the topics taught by the teachers in the centre. He has even engaged us in conversations like Lunar eclipse and Blood moon. We are pleasantly surprised by his craft work done in the centre. The daily topics taught in the centre has become interesting dinner conversation topics too.

— Mrs Lee